Work_ designassistent_ Gwangju Design Biennale 2011_ Unnamed design

Work_ Unnamed Design is an exhibition presented as part of the 2011 Gwangju Design Biennale.

In 2011 a group of students from AHO was part of an amazing exhibition in South Korea. The Gwangju Design Biennale was visited by 200 000 people and New York Times claimed it to be one of the highlights of 2011. Look at some of the exhibits at our curator webpage here:

Work _ Excerpt of Four Films / Spaces from the elective course fall 2010 for the Tromsø Year of Architecture 2011.

Credits: Prof. Rolf Gerstlauer and phd.stp. Mattias Ekman (teachers). Inger Molne (vignette-soundtrack) Rolf Gerstlauer (editing). Student Films: Petter Wold Kraglund < the fourth wall >, Sindre Sahlqvist Blakar < manufactured movement ? >, Anneline Konradsen < revolving rhytmic flow machine >, Andreas Trollvik < 01 001 011 >. AF_MoBaS-Tromsø festival - 12 min 25 sec. AHO - March 2011.


 Anneline Konradsen    Architecture & Film    Morphology of Body and Space # 4    AHO Fall 2010
  Duration: 2.19 min

The video sketch is investigating what can occur on film in the flow and rhythmic movement. What can the rhythm and flow produce in its own force? The search starts off with fragmented and blurry shapes, with a hasty direction through space. The shapes moves through the frame from right to left in different colors, reoccurring again and again with the same rhythmic gesture. Suddenly there is a change in direction, an imagery of a blurred source of light where the movement is locked on a new rhyth- mic duration over time. The movement picks up, the imagery takes on a different form, a much clearer space of horizontal lines moving through the frame. The rhythm is producing itself over and over again in the same spatial language. Slowly the speed develops, the rhythm produce itself into the mood of flow. In a glimpse of a moment another imagery come about on screen. In this flux of intervening a new spatial attitude appear. Quickly the rhythmic movement is back into reproducing the imagery in a loop, it gives itself away by showing familiar form occurring again and again. But all of a sudden a new order is appearing, the rhythm is no longer in reproducing itself,it has no clear logic or flow, the rhythm and movement are taking on its own logic. The space on screen is revolving in a new rhythmic language.

Work_Plans of CultureHouseGroruddalen_2010

plan of production floor

plan of representation floor

illustation of production floor.


Inspiration_ Kunstnerens Hus_2008

Work_ Forest_2009

Inspiration_ Falling man.


Wallpaper - study of layering- 2004
Acrylic on board- study of layering-2004